it's not about who you spend the most time with...
it's who you have the best memories with.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have thought about this one little four letter word lately.

L is for the way you LOOK at me.
O is for the only ONE I see.
V is very, VERY extraordinary.
E is EVEN more than anyone that you adore.

I stumbled upon one of my friend's notes they posted on Facebook tonight, and it was titled
"I'm Just Not Attracted To Her". I recommend if you have the time to check it out, definitely a good read. :)

Definitely was something that I needed to read tonight, because the writer talks about how physical beauty gets caught up in our society as the only reason why we should date someone. I think this is totally wrong, yes I do believe there should be an attraction there, however it should be more of who the person actually is and their beliefs rather than their outward appearance.

This is something that is witnessed everyday, when an 'attractive' girl walks by you can see the males' heads in the room slowly follow as they turn towards one another to make what they think is a "sly" comment, but is usually caught. I do not think guys give us credit on how observant we are...I mean we are going to be mother's one day and we all know that they have eyes in the back of their heads.

Then there is the frustration of when girls do the same thing, and the reaction is completely different. For instance, I remember some of my girl friends and I decided to give some of our guy friends a little taste of their medicine. They immediately got angry with us after the first couple of comments (after we will sit through a lunch's worth of comments about girls) and they saw it as we were doing something completely wrong and should be punished and they did not understand why we would say such a thing.

Ahhh...gotta love it.

I'll leave you with this...

"The more you are in love with the beauty of Jesus Christ, the more you will be attracted to what you see of Him in the woman you are dating and the more important it will be to you."

Friday, April 3, 2009

well well well...

We're on the brink of another TGIF. [kickin' it oldschool.]

So the first week after spring break was too crazy/busy than I would have liked for it to be.  Tests/Finishing up my application for Grad School/Softball/Working out/LIFE/NO SLEEPY...sounds like a sweet week, right?  Anywho...

SB Recap:

-Loads of not planning.
-Time to work on my journal for someone.
-QT with the rents. :)
-Running and teaching one of our dogs how to catch a frisbee in the air.
-Crossing Twilight.
-Movie watching with my dad, one of my fav things to do.
-Catching up with some besties from home.

That's about it for now...I am too tired to think of anything clever to write, so I'll quite while I think I'm ahead.