it's not about who you spend the most time with...
it's who you have the best memories with.

Monday, June 28, 2010

summer breeze.

i can't believe we have had a complete week of summer already.  it is crazy that this weekend will be the 4th of july!  time flies by so fast...just like a roll of toilet paper.  i am enjoying my summer break from classes...even though i do feel exhausted the majority of the time these days.  but that is about to change.  wednesday will be my last day of a full 8-5 in the dean's office.  so i will have more time to myself the rest of the summer break...i am not sure what i will do with myself then.  hopefully get to be crafty and enjoy some good quality time with friends.

speaking of good qt time...i got to finally get some of that this past weekend.  i went to visit some friends in nwa and i did not want to leave.  everytime i go up there it makes me want to move there so badly.  sometimes i wish i knew where i will end up after i finish school...again...and what job i will hold.  i went by to visit with my professors in my program, because there are only three in my master's program so i caught up with them and one was giving me advice and saying that all the things i have done, currently do, and will do will make me extremely marketable.  that gave me a little more confidence, however i am the type of person that thinks way to critically and has to have things planned out.  i told one of my roomies that we're going to have to come up with a top 100 list of things my future husband needs to know...from my control habits and ocd tendencies to how i can be extremely weird and random at times.   back to the future...i just need to focus on the now and keep focused on one day at a time and take it to prayer. 

QT time...i spent mainly with one miss chelsea cady-chandler ;) and one mister zach chandler this past weekend.  i love both of them so very much and they will always hold a piece of my heart.  even though our lives and day jobs are getting the best of us sometimes, i always enjoy seeing them and spending time with them even if it's only for an hour.  they are the type of friends that you want to live next too one day.  so chelsea's familia adopted me for the weekend, which i love her family they are so precious and glad i get to spend time with them.  so chelsea and i got to catch up and get down and crafty.  her and zach also took some engagement pics, which hopefully some of them turned out...they looked like a gap ad and i loved it! :)

speaking of getting down and crafty...this is a result of the project we were working on:

a little apron that we made. :)

chelsea is so crafty and i love it...she is working on an etsy shop (the knotted needle) and i am so glad that she is doing this because it is something that she is meant to do.  so you should definitely check out her blog and her shop, although i am not sure if it is up yet but you can find it on her blogie.

as for me...i should get back to work, so that i can pick up and leave at 5:00 that way i can see samantha soonly. i am so glad that she is back and that i will have a pt partner again. :)

i dreamed a dream
in time gone by.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

you say goodbye, i say hello.

it has been awhile...

so what have i been up to since the twenty eighth of may???
let's see...well i went to watch my ucla bruins win the women's college world series with me mum in okc.  that was fun and it made for a nice little vacation. :)

other than that, i have been working the majority of the time. starting back into my workout routine. redecorating and attempting to be crafty because i have not had time to this past year...speaking of crafty.  i did finish painting something for our living room wall and we just hung it up the other night.

the end result...

i hope you like.

well...sadly i have nothing else really exciting to say...oh wait maybe two things.

FIRST thing...i was asked to give out my digits for the second time at my ush gas station. made for a funny afternoon.

SECOND thing...i will be spending the weekend with one of my favorite people in the world...we'll get to be crafty, relax, hang out, drink coffee, listen to some music, take some pictures, and get some good ole fashion pt out of the deal! i cannot wait! 

until next time...

your true colors are beautiful,
like a rainbow.