it's not about who you spend the most time with...
it's who you have the best memories with.

Friday, May 28, 2010

thanks for coming out.

things are changing.

i think that may be the understatement of the year.

everything is changing. or that's how it feels. yesterday the last itch moved out, which was kind of sad, no more neighborly pranks to be played with each other any more.  funny side note though...we both made copies of each other's apartment keys and lied to each other about having them. what good neighbs we are. so yes the dragons v. itches battle royal has come to a close for reals. sad day. so that also means that my sb is moving out and sammy is moving into our room with me, while our new roomie kb is moving in next week! this is exciting but for once i was not ready for the change that i have found myself with.

change will be good, i just need to embrace it.

this summer is consisting of forty hours at the office monday through friday until june 30th or further notice.
along with possibly making some snocones here and there...not for sure yet.
then july orientation office :) that makes me very happy and maybe designing a t-shirt for incoming frosh.

five random things i want to do this summer:
random things on my current want list:

(stand up mixer, kitchen bible cookbook, paula deen pots and pans,
yellow linen toms, nike+, tickets to wrigley)

mr. krueger [aka the cutest man alive, i wish he was my grandfather] just came into my office, aka my friday has been made complete because...

it's friday, the weather is wonderful, it is pay day, it is a three day weekend, and i just saw mr. krueger!

...peace and blessings.
you just gotta get away with the girls

Thursday, May 27, 2010

closing time...

here it is only fifteen more minutes until i can say one more day until the weekend begins.  is it bad that i count down the hours and minutes until five o'clock monday through friday now? is perfectly healthy i am sure of it. :S

this may possibly be one of the shortest entries i have written in awhile. but since i currently only have about twelve minutes until i turn my computer off for the day, it will have to five fun facts i can share with you today...

55555. i enjoy johnny's turkey sandwiches on my lunch break.
4444. i may or may not enjoy someone's company on these certain lunch breaks that i speak of.
333. i have been told that i look like i work in colorado due to the fact that i wear pants and a jacket to work, because WPN 240 is freezing.
22. my job=i am the definition of anne hatheway in the devil wears prada. (facebook, blogs, and twitter get me through the daily.)



Ah, summer, 
what power you have to make us suffer 
and like it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

all booked...

well well well...

it's spring fever and wedding did that happen?
just last night i was asking my SB, aka 'side sunk' for all of you who sadly do not have one, :( [my heart goes out to you] if we had anything to go to on sunday! tonight is her lil sis/my lil sis's graduation and tomorrow is the marriage of the caddo tribe (neal-marsh wedding) in which they will probably exchange C's instead of rings.

anywho...i think i have had something to do on my free days a lot lately, not that i am complaining...i love seeing my friends and sharing important life moments with them, but i would just like a lazy day...and sunday is it! :) now i have probably jinxed it.

so so so...
things are about to change, one of my roomies is moving out but we are getting a new roomie, which is bittersweet but she's only moving 2 buildings down from me so it's not too terrible. i will miss her though! one more year of grad school, whoop whoop. and i managed to receive all A's this semester, don't even try to ask me how i did that miracle but i did.
so now i currently spend my mondays-fridays eighting to fiving it with an hour for lunchy in the mix. but i do get paid pretty nicely so i can't complain about that, except for when the weather is as amazing as it is today! wowzers! praise the Lord for this weather! :)

summer is going to be a good thing, actually it's going to be a great thing.not having to think about papers/reading/assignments/presentations/projects for the next 2 months will be oh so joyous. :) i just hope that i will have time to hang out with all the amazing people that God has blessed me with in my life while i can.

make happy those who are near,

and those who are far will come.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


so this school year is practically up.
how weird is that? how did that happen already?
i can't believe i have finished one year of grad school and without any gray hairs.

so about this summer thing...
it's almost here, i can feel it in my bones.
one thing that i ironically love most about summer is the realization that we are all getting older.
i know that seems crazy to enjoy, but at the same time we should embrace it.
we should not dwell on the past, but enjoy the now and prepare for the future and all the amazing things that will come with it.
summer seems like it is also a time for rediscovery...remembering things that we have forgotten, finding old music from freshman year that used to be on loop constantly, planning for the future, making fun trips to see friends and road trips with friends, laying out by the pool, making new memories and appreciating the old, and most importantly taking a step out of the lime light and rediscovering yourself.

summer is a vacation and that is why it is ironic. a vacation from life? that never happens, cause life always happens.

i've seen fire.
and i've seen rain.