it's not about who you spend the most time with...
it's who you have the best memories with.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i go back to december...

only 5 more days of break what am i going to do with it?

that's right watching hgtv, rescuing stray puppies (which are adorable), still attempting to unpack, seeing friendly faces, drinking coffee, running, reading, and writing.

a short little recap...the beginning of my break was spent at my rent's casa where i was able to get in some much needed r-and-r.  i didn't think i would be able to manage it but it was pretty successful.  the second half i spent visiting friends old and new.  it made for some good evenings and good convos with great people.  i really enjoy just talking to people and learning more about them and their background.  one of my friends that i met up with i had not seen in a few years because he moves all over the place doing different things.  we just got into the conversation of how technology even though it has amazing capabilities sometimes takes away from how relationships used to be.  don't get me wrong, i do appreciate being able to get online and do the occasional fb creep but i do miss the days of just not having a cell phone and not worrying about having to text someone back or i have to call so and so for blahblahblah.  i mean honestly turn your phone off for an hour and do not even think about it (it's pretty exhilarating...unless you are worrying about that text you are waiting on or what if someone calls me.)

anyway back to the point at hand...i just feel as though even though we have all these social networking sites now, it seems as though we all have a common thought that we are closer because we can reach out to someone from a tweet, or a wall post, or a fb message and the idea of being able to connect with people is so simple. but...

why don't we do it?

i feel like as a society as a whole we don't connect with people how we used to.  but that's just me...thinking and blogging out loud.  i mean admit it...most of you would rather text or e-mail someone or fbook them rather than calling and talking to them on the phone.

but don't get me wrong like i said, i do appreciate the technology we have...however i sometimes worry that we miss out on the finer and simpler things in life...

so next time just think before you text or fbook someone and i'll do the same.

while you're thinking about that...i leave you with something from the simpler life....

yes, it is i.

i am waiting here.
waiting for you to come home.