it's not about who you spend the most time with...
it's who you have the best memories with.

Monday, December 27, 2010

it's about that time...

i know i know...

it has been far too long and i apologize for that.  hopefully you will find it in your heart to forgive me...?  well maybe this will help...

so school is out for break and so much has happened over the past few months.  i can't believe we are already in between semesters.
let's see...where to start, where to start. [let the semester re-cap rambling begin.]

well i officially have a four page resume which i feel as though i polish that up almost as much as i tweet…that’s a lie…almost.
i made it through my third semester of grad school…which i can’t believe i only have one more left.
am i starting to freak?  …ummm YEAH!
i moved apartments…mid-semester…not really recommended. but i do love my new place and roomie…it’s becoming more and more cozy.
i did some calculations over thanksgiving break…i have had 11 different roommates since i moved out of my rent’s house for college.  i have never shared a room with the same person…which is kind of weird. but i guess that just means i like to keep things fresh.
according to hannah i live like a kardashian.
i only have 6 more hours until i obtain my master’s degree = super exciting and nerve racking at the same time.
the thing i feel most accomplished about is not getting any gray hairs after: teaching a mwf class, ta-ing a thrusday class, observing in the advising center for 90 hours this semester, working 20+ hours for my GA position, having several week i had 10 meetings, no lie, going to my own classes, and attempting at having a life.  
no gray hairs=success!
anyway i am just glad to have a little bit of a break…no more grading papers or doing lectures or advising or assessments or meetings or workshops for a month…best news ever.

i hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe holiday season and here's a pic of the most beautiful girl in the world that i got to play with for a few days.

playing in the disney princess tent.

compliments of grandma.

anyways…this has been one of the most random posts…but it has been awhile so just bare with me.  maybe next year my life will be a little more on the normal train and i’ll get the handle back on this blogging thing.

hush now.
watch the stars fall. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010


this will happen soon.

pinky on it.

cross my heart.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

gearing up...

so it's that time of year again!

i just made it back to russ vegas for my last year of grad school which is weird! six years later--one bachelor's degree and one master's degree, check check.

this year will entail many different things...not having a life due to the fact i will be: teaching a class 3 hours a week (making lesson plans, grading papers, making tests, and lecturing while keeping the attention of 31ish freshman students), TAing a class (doing everything other than lecturing, which i enjoy), having meetings on campus throughout the week, working 20 hours a week on campus, taking 9 hours of grad classes, and observing 90 hours in the academic advising office...and that's just the school side of it...but i am used to it, so i think i'll manage just fine...or i hope and so does my hair.

anyway, so i'm back in town...
and there are about four things that i absolutely want...
  • quizzies (quizno's)
  • pomegranate energy explosion (my ice cream concoction from our new pile high dessert place, it's about to be slammed with all the n00bs, highly recommend it!!!) 
  • coffee (stwerbucks please!)
  • REUNIONS (with all my friendlies, which it is kind of weird to think that there are going to be people back in town...but i like it!)
so i thoroughly enjoyed my time at home.  i think i may have learned about how to relax a little. so i'll take it as an accomplishment.  i got to spend much needed time at home with family and got to catch up and see some old friends. :) great way to end the summer!

here's a few pics of my last few days... ENJOY
[eleanora can off road.]
[last run at home, i know i look like a hot mess.]  

[our view after jessi and i floated the river.]

the people that we love
hold pieces of our hearts.

Monday, August 16, 2010

in the rain...

due to the fact that arkansas weather is 'amazing' and has been reaching over 100 degrees lately. (can i just say that i almost hate summer? of course i can say it this is my blog. but only when it's in arkansas. i hate getting ready for work or to go out and eat with friends or for a wedding and feel like a kid running around on a playground with dirty sweat on me. or the fact that when you get out of the shower sometimes it feels like you didn't just take a shower, yeah you know what i mean.)

anyway, back to the topic sentence at hand.  so it rained late afternoon/early evening at my parent's house so when my mom and i got back from grabbing dinner to bring home i decided to take advantage of how there was a lack of 80% humidity and the temperature was around a good, nice, cool 75 degrees and go for the daily run.

with that i feel as though it is time for a plug... yes i purchase some nike+ gear and i absolutely love it.  i mean what girl doesn't want a male voice whispering in their ear telling them how long and far they have been running?  (strongly recommend to anyone) so as you may have guessed it. the rain wasn't finished. so it ended my run a little earlier than expected tonight which was fine because i actually enjoyed running in the rain, after getting over the fact that my ipod and everything was going to be fine and it was not getting wet, i just enjoyed it.

i think it was because it felt like a true God moment, just me and him the rain and the open road.  just the two of us.  in that time frame i was relaxed and had no thoughts running through my mind...i was just, running with God.  the last song that came on my ipoddy was not technically a christian song, but i found it to be perfect for the moment. made it onto the life moments soundtrack in my book.

so i feel as though every time i sit down to blog. i think do not get carried away and start a novel, but i feel as though i fail every time. so i will leave all you bloggies with some pictures from the last week at home.

[beautiful clouds.]
[daddo's fadda's day gift.]
[where the journey 'run' begins.]
[lake sunset.]

do not focus on what is seen,
but rather on what is unseen.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

out here it's like i'm someone else...


life has been a little weird lately.  days seem to have no separation, almost zombie like.  i have been keeping busying working at tech.  starting to freak out about where i will be in a year from now, yes you read that correctly a YEAR.  a year is 12 months, that's practically 52 weeks, which is close to 8,736 hours, give or take 31,149,600 seconds.  just sitting and waiting for the unknown sometimes makes you...freak out.

well...yesterday was my LAST day at tech! (well until the semester starts back up again.)  so what am i going to do with myself with almost two weeks of summer vacay...well i'm glad you asked.
i may go and do a little bit of this...

            or maybe a little bit of that...
i plan on spending some good times at the lake or in a canoe for the next two weeks with my sistor.
so while i am at my home, well my parent's home...i'll be trying to figure out this thing called 'relaxation' and 'afternoon naps'.  i just feel the need to always have a plan and be on the go.  even when i don't have anything to do and should be 'relaxing' i am already thinking about what i will be doing as soon as i get back to keep your fingers crossed.

oh on the recap...
i will be being called "Ms. Jolie" by 31 freshman in the class i will be teaching in about two weeks.  i had my workshop yesterday for it and i am a little nervous.  i am mainly just ready to get it rolling and get past the first two classes, i think/hope i will be fine after that.  but i am really excited that i will get to be teaching. (shouldn't i get a red hangtag for that???)  you WOULD think that...but no, i'll be stuck in good ole yellow parking over by the spoony. :( but they have updated the look of our hangtags this at least it'll be pretty, cause that's all that really matters, right?
also, wedding season has come to a close...i think.  wedding season is that time span from spring to summer where everyone you know is starting to get married and you have a wedding to go to every weekend it seems like.  don't get me wrong i enjoy going to them...but 3 in a row, that's a lot of white...a lot of flower petals...a lot of shoes.  okay now i officially sound like the wedding grinch.  it's not that i am a grinch but working m-f and looking forward to your bum might turn you into somewhat of a grinch.  but i do enjoy weddings and i do enjoy the joyful tears they bring, especially when they are from the groom. (almost made ME cry!)  but next season people, can we coordinate to at least every other saturday? thanks. my people thank your people.

well i'll keep you posted on my vacay.  now that i have some time to enjoy the blogger world again.  i'll leave you with a pic from my lake bff, teague.  i gave him a reese's and we have been besties since. :)

 OH! one last thing...a very important shout out to my reader from Garden Plain, Kansas.  you know who you are!!! thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed!!! :)

life is but a breath
don't waste it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


these are for one miss...
  1. fa
  2. eclipse
  3. collision
  4. life
  5. change
  6. animal
  7. holy roller
  8. slang
  9. swing
  10. respect
  11. words
  12. real
  13. we
  14. light
  15. fence
  16. sleepy
  17. emma
  18. man?
  19. dreamer?
  20. why
i will have another post catching you up soonly.

enjoy what you have,
who you have,
and the time you have.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

life after haircuts... too short.

(eliza i will get you a list of twenty asap, don't fret.)

i can officially begin to cross of something from a previous post :)  numero uno...caching...

my fellow cacher and i have a certain alias that we like to use while caching...i can not state it in writing due to the disclosures.  we went 4-3 so we ended up with a W for the day...but we will try those three again really soon, i think the competitiveness in me will not accept that we could not find them.  here are a few pics from our trip around town.
well i was going to attempt to post a video that recapped the day...but sadly it did not work. :( sorry bloggies.


as you probably already noted the clever title to this blog entry and thought to yourself where is this thing going??? yes, today i indeed got some hairscut.  it was a long time coming for me and my fellow dragon-mate.  this is what it looks like now...hasn't been this short for awhile...but i like it. :)

that's all i got for nows...

oh and ending yesterday with a little bit of sunshine...
the future depends on
what we do in the present.

Friday, July 2, 2010

back in june...

it's official. it's july! how weird is that?
it's kind of sad really...
...i think he agrees.

anyways, it is still weird to think that summer is halfway over! o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh my gosh!
this post is just for i will share with you a few of my summer favs:

so i have nothing else to say to you.

i hope everyone has a fun and safe fourth of july! :)

failure is not fatal.
but failure to change might be.

Monday, June 28, 2010

summer breeze.

i can't believe we have had a complete week of summer already.  it is crazy that this weekend will be the 4th of july!  time flies by so fast...just like a roll of toilet paper.  i am enjoying my summer break from classes...even though i do feel exhausted the majority of the time these days.  but that is about to change.  wednesday will be my last day of a full 8-5 in the dean's office.  so i will have more time to myself the rest of the summer break...i am not sure what i will do with myself then.  hopefully get to be crafty and enjoy some good quality time with friends.

speaking of good qt time...i got to finally get some of that this past weekend.  i went to visit some friends in nwa and i did not want to leave.  everytime i go up there it makes me want to move there so badly.  sometimes i wish i knew where i will end up after i finish school...again...and what job i will hold.  i went by to visit with my professors in my program, because there are only three in my master's program so i caught up with them and one was giving me advice and saying that all the things i have done, currently do, and will do will make me extremely marketable.  that gave me a little more confidence, however i am the type of person that thinks way to critically and has to have things planned out.  i told one of my roomies that we're going to have to come up with a top 100 list of things my future husband needs to know...from my control habits and ocd tendencies to how i can be extremely weird and random at times.   back to the future...i just need to focus on the now and keep focused on one day at a time and take it to prayer. 

QT time...i spent mainly with one miss chelsea cady-chandler ;) and one mister zach chandler this past weekend.  i love both of them so very much and they will always hold a piece of my heart.  even though our lives and day jobs are getting the best of us sometimes, i always enjoy seeing them and spending time with them even if it's only for an hour.  they are the type of friends that you want to live next too one day.  so chelsea's familia adopted me for the weekend, which i love her family they are so precious and glad i get to spend time with them.  so chelsea and i got to catch up and get down and crafty.  her and zach also took some engagement pics, which hopefully some of them turned out...they looked like a gap ad and i loved it! :)

speaking of getting down and crafty...this is a result of the project we were working on:

a little apron that we made. :)

chelsea is so crafty and i love it...she is working on an etsy shop (the knotted needle) and i am so glad that she is doing this because it is something that she is meant to do.  so you should definitely check out her blog and her shop, although i am not sure if it is up yet but you can find it on her blogie.

as for me...i should get back to work, so that i can pick up and leave at 5:00 that way i can see samantha soonly. i am so glad that she is back and that i will have a pt partner again. :)

i dreamed a dream
in time gone by.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

you say goodbye, i say hello.

it has been awhile...

so what have i been up to since the twenty eighth of may???
let's see...well i went to watch my ucla bruins win the women's college world series with me mum in okc.  that was fun and it made for a nice little vacation. :)

other than that, i have been working the majority of the time. starting back into my workout routine. redecorating and attempting to be crafty because i have not had time to this past year...speaking of crafty.  i did finish painting something for our living room wall and we just hung it up the other night.

the end result...

i hope you like.

well...sadly i have nothing else really exciting to say...oh wait maybe two things.

FIRST thing...i was asked to give out my digits for the second time at my ush gas station. made for a funny afternoon.

SECOND thing...i will be spending the weekend with one of my favorite people in the world...we'll get to be crafty, relax, hang out, drink coffee, listen to some music, take some pictures, and get some good ole fashion pt out of the deal! i cannot wait! 

until next time...

your true colors are beautiful,
like a rainbow.

Friday, May 28, 2010

thanks for coming out.

things are changing.

i think that may be the understatement of the year.

everything is changing. or that's how it feels. yesterday the last itch moved out, which was kind of sad, no more neighborly pranks to be played with each other any more.  funny side note though...we both made copies of each other's apartment keys and lied to each other about having them. what good neighbs we are. so yes the dragons v. itches battle royal has come to a close for reals. sad day. so that also means that my sb is moving out and sammy is moving into our room with me, while our new roomie kb is moving in next week! this is exciting but for once i was not ready for the change that i have found myself with.

change will be good, i just need to embrace it.

this summer is consisting of forty hours at the office monday through friday until june 30th or further notice.
along with possibly making some snocones here and there...not for sure yet.
then july orientation office :) that makes me very happy and maybe designing a t-shirt for incoming frosh.

five random things i want to do this summer:
random things on my current want list:

(stand up mixer, kitchen bible cookbook, paula deen pots and pans,
yellow linen toms, nike+, tickets to wrigley)

mr. krueger [aka the cutest man alive, i wish he was my grandfather] just came into my office, aka my friday has been made complete because...

it's friday, the weather is wonderful, it is pay day, it is a three day weekend, and i just saw mr. krueger!

...peace and blessings.
you just gotta get away with the girls

Thursday, May 27, 2010

closing time...

here it is only fifteen more minutes until i can say one more day until the weekend begins.  is it bad that i count down the hours and minutes until five o'clock monday through friday now? is perfectly healthy i am sure of it. :S

this may possibly be one of the shortest entries i have written in awhile. but since i currently only have about twelve minutes until i turn my computer off for the day, it will have to five fun facts i can share with you today...

55555. i enjoy johnny's turkey sandwiches on my lunch break.
4444. i may or may not enjoy someone's company on these certain lunch breaks that i speak of.
333. i have been told that i look like i work in colorado due to the fact that i wear pants and a jacket to work, because WPN 240 is freezing.
22. my job=i am the definition of anne hatheway in the devil wears prada. (facebook, blogs, and twitter get me through the daily.)



Ah, summer, 
what power you have to make us suffer 
and like it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

all booked...

well well well...

it's spring fever and wedding did that happen?
just last night i was asking my SB, aka 'side sunk' for all of you who sadly do not have one, :( [my heart goes out to you] if we had anything to go to on sunday! tonight is her lil sis/my lil sis's graduation and tomorrow is the marriage of the caddo tribe (neal-marsh wedding) in which they will probably exchange C's instead of rings.

anywho...i think i have had something to do on my free days a lot lately, not that i am complaining...i love seeing my friends and sharing important life moments with them, but i would just like a lazy day...and sunday is it! :) now i have probably jinxed it.

so so so...
things are about to change, one of my roomies is moving out but we are getting a new roomie, which is bittersweet but she's only moving 2 buildings down from me so it's not too terrible. i will miss her though! one more year of grad school, whoop whoop. and i managed to receive all A's this semester, don't even try to ask me how i did that miracle but i did.
so now i currently spend my mondays-fridays eighting to fiving it with an hour for lunchy in the mix. but i do get paid pretty nicely so i can't complain about that, except for when the weather is as amazing as it is today! wowzers! praise the Lord for this weather! :)

summer is going to be a good thing, actually it's going to be a great thing.not having to think about papers/reading/assignments/presentations/projects for the next 2 months will be oh so joyous. :) i just hope that i will have time to hang out with all the amazing people that God has blessed me with in my life while i can.

make happy those who are near,

and those who are far will come.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


so this school year is practically up.
how weird is that? how did that happen already?
i can't believe i have finished one year of grad school and without any gray hairs.

so about this summer thing...
it's almost here, i can feel it in my bones.
one thing that i ironically love most about summer is the realization that we are all getting older.
i know that seems crazy to enjoy, but at the same time we should embrace it.
we should not dwell on the past, but enjoy the now and prepare for the future and all the amazing things that will come with it.
summer seems like it is also a time for rediscovery...remembering things that we have forgotten, finding old music from freshman year that used to be on loop constantly, planning for the future, making fun trips to see friends and road trips with friends, laying out by the pool, making new memories and appreciating the old, and most importantly taking a step out of the lime light and rediscovering yourself.

summer is a vacation and that is why it is ironic. a vacation from life? that never happens, cause life always happens.

i've seen fire.
and i've seen rain.

Monday, April 19, 2010

today was a fairytale...

it's the middle of april! please tell me when this happened?!well well's about two more weeks of school and i will have only one more year, two semesters, left of grad school...then it's time for a j-o-b! hopefully at a-t-u!
this semester has been super crazy busy. i coached seven 5th and 6th grade girls for upward basketball, they were super cute and so fun! i miss them on the weekly. that was pretty much until march.
then spring break hit. which meant, epixxx road trip! here's the recap for it...
7 days, 6 states, 5 nights in hotels, 4 sean specials, 3 friends, 2 wonders of the world, 1 epic spring break trip to go down in the books! so so so fun, trip of a lifetime!
now i am finishing up the semester and heading into wedding season, aka at least one wedding a month until august! (as of right now) i am really starting to like this whole wedding thing though...

two more weeks until this...

...all summer long!!!

We should not put so much focus on Christianity;
but rather being a Christian.