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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

four year hiatus...

Has it really been four score and seven years ago...okay caught me, I just mean four years ago?  For all of you loyal bloggers out there, I must admit that I am an epic fail.

My excuses are as follows...
  • Life
  • Work
  • iPhone movement
  • Maybe I should have stopped at life, ya think?
So maybe I shouldn't be making excuses, but maybe I have just been trying to live it up so now you have fun things to read in all of your spare time.  See, really I have been doing you a favor so you can prepare to be entertained...hopefully.

I could go into this post and tell you about the last four years of my life, but since this is your "spare" time, I will refrain...for now.  You are so very welcome.

I am going to do my best to get this blogging back into shape as an outlet for myself and share things that have and are happening in my life, but not just as an outlet to me but as an outlet to others.  So we are going to have a fun journey ahead of us, right?!  Great, I'm glad you are in agreeance.
Get excited, get excited! Oh, and prepare accordingly!

Until next time, which shall be soon.

OH and I know you were wondering, yes I am still celebrating...

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