it's not about who you spend the most time with...
it's who you have the best memories with.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

sleeping to dream about you.

As you may have guessed...well if you know mr. mraz...yes I am listening to him.

I love Wendy...she told me to say that...but I do. She is one of my roommates and she liked to yell statements sometimes, which Katie (our other roommate) and I love. I am so thankful for those two...they are a blessing to me and we have too much fun together. Fo realz!

However, I really and truly miss my friends and family back home...I only have 6 more weeks in this wonderful city. I will post some pics sometime soon. Girl scouts honor.

So today for the first time ever I played Ultimate Frisbee...and I loved it. I think we're going to play every Sunday, so that will be good.

BTDubs, I think something just exploded outside. In the sky? YES! :)

Well this post has almost turned into lame sauce so I'll leave you with this...

peanut butter and raw hot dogs (but not together)...nough said. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

you've got mail.

As you may have guessed it...yes my roommates, aka Katie and Wendy, and I are watching 'You've Got Mail.' Which I have not really watched since it first came out, sorry Chelsea for what I am about to say...but I think it just seemed like a forever long movie that my mother made me watch, therefore I might have resented it a little bit. ;) But it is all good now.


Well I absolutely love my roomies...we are so crazy and fun, it is truly only quite in our room when we all are asleep...whenever that happens. My D-Group is pretty awesome too, we have some good times as well.

Job Search: it is still going on for most of us. So hopefully our luck will change soon!

However, I recieved two good messages today:

1) I got a GA Position at Tech, so I will not be paying for my tuition. What a relief! :)

2) My aunt from Cali called me today, and she is booking my flight either tonight or tomorrow if she can find one. :)

P to the Umped am I!

Chicago = where my heart is. I will definitely miss this place, and will be visiting whenever I am able to. I love it here and I love it around 8/9ish when everyone is walking their dogs cause I get to pet them...saw a Labradoodle and a Chipoo. So cute! :) Wish I would have gotten pics, maybe next time.

As for is wayyy past my bed time, because yes I am an old lady now.

Sorry for the lameness included in this post.

Maybe this video will make up for it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

chocolate covered expresso beans.

I am absolutely and utterly loving Chicago right now.  I am just soaking up everything that I have seen and just cannot seem to get enough.  I may even be partaking in some 'sly' people watching.  Even though the thought might not be appealing at first I really do enjoy public transportation and truly feeling like a grown up when I am riding it by myself...okay okay...I will stop with my infatuation about this city.

Tonight was very enjoyable...our apartment cooked for another guys' apartment and then we watched a video discussing Jesus' love and the marvel of that, great discussion by one of our team leaders and group.  I also was able to witness one of the most beautiful things God has blessed me with.  I heard someone pray in Chinese tonight and all I could do was just sounded to beautiful.  The Lord's name being spoke in another language, was even encouraging or inspiring almost.  

I have been able to become really good friends with my roommates, Katie and Wendy.  I have only known them for less than a week, and I already love them.  They crack me up, I could not have asked for better roomies. :)

It is past my bedtime and chocolate covered expresso beans were probably not the best idea...ya think?

Be still, and know that I am God; 
I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.  
Psalms 46:10

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Destination: Excellence

This was originally written on May 30th...just saying...

I thought that today was going to be for the most part like any other day, or any other time on a trip where you travel...well I was wrong.

Today was a new day, a beginning of a new chapter, a chapter that hasn't even begun to be written.

Today was extraordinary, but not a rare type of day.  It was one of those day where you find the beauty of it all and for those brief moment every good memory or feeling is all brought into one emotion, and for those brief moments it is almost as if everything you know as ugliness or hurt wasn't there and everything is just...perfect.  Almost like nothing can touch you.  Now those days my friends - are the ones we live for.

It started at 5:20 a.m. - I woke up to get ready to embark on an adventure that God wanted me to partake in - I was going to Chicago for the majority of the summer with a leadership program that focused on evangelism and discipleship.  So going on about 3ish hours of sleep I imagined that I would most likely be sleeping on the bus on our soon to be almost 14 hour trip with all of our stops/breaks calculated in.  However, when we loaded up zZz's were not what was heard, but laughter & excitement and new bond & friendships forming.

However, the restlessness soon caught up with all of us and everyone slowly began to find their ipods and their pillows.  Seeing as I thought that we would be crammed for space I did not bring a pillow for the trip.  But the good news is that I would have missed the experience God  today that God has already given me.

Maybe it wasn't just the Explosions in the Sky I was listening to, or the fresh greenery that the last month of raining gave us.  But the moment that I just spoke of earlier was not just a coincidence, rather it was destiny (for lack of better words).  As I looked out my window of our bus onto the flat lands of Arkansas for the last time for a bit it was similar to those of when you are a child and you are starring out your window expectantly for Santa to arrive.  So, while marveling over God's creation we were passing fields and I noticed to airplanes *while listening to Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand In Mine* everything seemed to be as though it was perfect while the two planes maneuvered gracefully throughout the blue sky over the fields, it was a moment of pure beauty.  I just had to think to myself...what a moment and couldn't hold back a smile.  You don't get a lot of moments like that if you're not taking the time to allow God to show them to you.

For some reason while riding on the interstate I like reading billboards and road signs as well as semis and what they are hauling...I guess you could say that it's somewhat of a healthy curiosity.  Anyway, soon after we passed the planes we are passing a semi and of course I look and the load it was hauling and I thought what in the world is that for?  Well as we are getting closer to the cab I can see on the back of the truck it says: 

Destination: Excellence

I then had reconfirmation that this summer was going to be excellent and I was going to grow and learn and experience so many new things and I couldn't wait.

All in all, I am thankful for that and even though things aren't clearly mapped out in the essence of didn't matter and I knew God is taking care of me just as He always has.  Sometimes in our busy schedules that's hard to do when we think of how we need to do this and we need to do that.  Instead our initial thought process should be giving it to of little faith, I guess you could say.  That is a hard thing to do with the distractions and busy world we live in today.  My hope is that I strive to be more like that after doing aXis this summer and that we will be able to impact people's lives in Chicago and show everyone God's Love.

p.s. We made it in 13 hours with 4 stops and I love it here. :)

she is love...and she is all that i need.