it's not about who you spend the most time with...
it's who you have the best memories with.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

my mama raised me in the dirty south.

Well well well...

Here we are again. I am home...where it is warmer (aka hot), humid, and quite.

I can officially say that I now understand why people in the city like coming to Arkansas or somewhere where it is quite.

Everything is so much slower here, and cheaper (13.25% tax...not so fun). You can see the stars and hear nature.

God's creation is amazing...I can not believe it sometimes. Coming back and seeing all the trees, mountains, and lakes makes me stand in awe.

If I had one word to describe my experience in Chicago doing aXis it might be:


I learned so many new things about myself and things that I want to partake in, as well as God's grace and mercy. My prayer and hope is that we all take the things we learned in Chicago and put them to practice on our campuses.


Subject change...

Leaving for California in three days. I am more than excited, but I wish I had a little bit more time at home between now and then. Someone wise once told me...

The older you get the faster time goes by...just like a roll of toilet paper.
-The Bearded Wonder
That is all.
Everything will change.
Things will never be the same.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

just for now...

As of today, I ONLY have two more weeks in this wonderful place called Chicago!

It is so weird to think that summer is almost over and that aXis is almost over.  In a way I am ready to be back, but then I am not.  I definitely can not wait to see all my friends and familia at home.

Anyway...not a lot is new, just mainly working at the lovely Portillo's in downtown Chicago.  I usually work nights...meaning 5 to either 10, 11, 12, or 1.  

I will definitely miss being here once I go home, especially since it is just getting into the 80's here while it is 100 degrees + back home.  I may have a heat stroke if that's possible when I get back.  I will also miss all of my aXis community when the project is over and my co-workers...I work with some interesting characters. is getting late and I need some rest for tomorrow, it will be a long 10 hour shift day.

I will leave you with some few things I plan on doing when I get back into Arkansas:
  • GO TO SONIC!!!!! *Cause the closest one to us is like 30 miles or so away! :( sad day!*
  • Go to La Huerta!  I have been craving cheese dip/salsa and chips from there so bad!
  • Coffee Slushies!
  • Seeing  YOU!
That is all I can think of right now, but I am about to pass out so...

Peace and Blessings.
I am running out of words to say to you.