it's not about who you spend the most time with...
it's who you have the best memories with.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

four year hiatus...

Has it really been four score and seven years ago...okay caught me, I just mean four years ago?  For all of you loyal bloggers out there, I must admit that I am an epic fail.

My excuses are as follows...
  • Life
  • Work
  • iPhone movement
  • Maybe I should have stopped at life, ya think?
So maybe I shouldn't be making excuses, but maybe I have just been trying to live it up so now you have fun things to read in all of your spare time.  See, really I have been doing you a favor so you can prepare to be entertained...hopefully.

I could go into this post and tell you about the last four years of my life, but since this is your "spare" time, I will refrain...for now.  You are so very welcome.

I am going to do my best to get this blogging back into shape as an outlet for myself and share things that have and are happening in my life, but not just as an outlet to me but as an outlet to others.  So we are going to have a fun journey ahead of us, right?!  Great, I'm glad you are in agreeance.
Get excited, get excited! Oh, and prepare accordingly!

Until next time, which shall be soon.

OH and I know you were wondering, yes I am still celebrating...

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hey chicago, what do you say?

Sunday, August 12, 2012


so a quick/partial up-to-date...

once again it is the middle of wedding season. aka errrbody is getting married errrweekend.  aka no free weekends.  sad day.  well not really because i do enjoy seeing my friendlies getting married, maybe we should have wedding festivals...much like music fesitvals?  now i don't know about you, but i think this could really take off.  right?  like austin wedding limits.  watch out!  you could just wedding hop because it would NOT be crashing.  yep, i think i have found a solution people then we can all plan vacays and other weekend trips during the summer.  winner winner wedding cake for dinner! to the goodies.

let's see here. i am pretty settled in the fort now.  i can't believe in about two weeks marks my one year here. how crazy is that?  pretty crazy!  that's for sure.  it has gone by pretty fast and i have loved every minute of my job.  my office is never a dull moment, that's for sure.  i have some sweet co-workers and a pretty awesome boss too.  that's one thing i am always grateful for...i seem to have always been able to be in a great work environment.  can't complain there.

another for sure thing. is it fall yet? i mean good's hotter than a two dollar pistol outside.  i don't know about you guys but i'm not necessarily made for the heat. i'm just saying.  i'm pretty sure cold weather is in my blood.  now don't get me wrong, i do enjoy being outside and doing things, BUT this is when my wardrobe of choice is gym clothes and my hair is a hot mess on my head...not when i am dressed in my work wardrobe and i am sweating before i make it to my car.  now that my friends, is not a GOOD TIME. thumbs down.

i am just ready for cold chocolate...sweat dates. oh me oh my that sounds like heaven....not the current weather situation we have been having.

so cheers to cold weather...

and here is to all my students trying to register during late open registration next week...

 we got all the memories,
so much more we can't see...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

long time coming...


well it looks like this is once again an epix fail.

sadly this is all i can think about right i'm thinking i will do that and an update will happen in the next week...or else.

so you're going to hold it to me...huh?

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