it's not about who you spend the most time with...
it's who you have the best memories with.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

gearing up...

so it's that time of year again!

i just made it back to russ vegas for my last year of grad school which is weird! six years later--one bachelor's degree and one master's degree, check check.

this year will entail many different things...not having a life due to the fact i will be: teaching a class 3 hours a week (making lesson plans, grading papers, making tests, and lecturing while keeping the attention of 31ish freshman students), TAing a class (doing everything other than lecturing, which i enjoy), having meetings on campus throughout the week, working 20 hours a week on campus, taking 9 hours of grad classes, and observing 90 hours in the academic advising office...and that's just the school side of it...but i am used to it, so i think i'll manage just fine...or i hope and so does my hair.

anyway, so i'm back in town...
and there are about four things that i absolutely want...
  • quizzies (quizno's)
  • pomegranate energy explosion (my ice cream concoction from our new pile high dessert place, it's about to be slammed with all the n00bs, highly recommend it!!!) 
  • coffee (stwerbucks please!)
  • REUNIONS (with all my friendlies, which it is kind of weird to think that there are going to be people back in town...but i like it!)
so i thoroughly enjoyed my time at home.  i think i may have learned about how to relax a little. so i'll take it as an accomplishment.  i got to spend much needed time at home with family and got to catch up and see some old friends. :) great way to end the summer!

here's a few pics of my last few days... ENJOY
[eleanora can off road.]
[last run at home, i know i look like a hot mess.]  

[our view after jessi and i floated the river.]

the people that we love
hold pieces of our hearts.

Monday, August 16, 2010

in the rain...

due to the fact that arkansas weather is 'amazing' and has been reaching over 100 degrees lately. (can i just say that i almost hate summer? of course i can say it this is my blog. but only when it's in arkansas. i hate getting ready for work or to go out and eat with friends or for a wedding and feel like a kid running around on a playground with dirty sweat on me. or the fact that when you get out of the shower sometimes it feels like you didn't just take a shower, yeah you know what i mean.)

anyway, back to the topic sentence at hand.  so it rained late afternoon/early evening at my parent's house so when my mom and i got back from grabbing dinner to bring home i decided to take advantage of how there was a lack of 80% humidity and the temperature was around a good, nice, cool 75 degrees and go for the daily run.

with that i feel as though it is time for a plug... yes i purchase some nike+ gear and i absolutely love it.  i mean what girl doesn't want a male voice whispering in their ear telling them how long and far they have been running?  (strongly recommend to anyone) so as you may have guessed it. the rain wasn't finished. so it ended my run a little earlier than expected tonight which was fine because i actually enjoyed running in the rain, after getting over the fact that my ipod and everything was going to be fine and it was not getting wet, i just enjoyed it.

i think it was because it felt like a true God moment, just me and him the rain and the open road.  just the two of us.  in that time frame i was relaxed and had no thoughts running through my mind...i was just, running with God.  the last song that came on my ipoddy was not technically a christian song, but i found it to be perfect for the moment. made it onto the life moments soundtrack in my book.

so i feel as though every time i sit down to blog. i think do not get carried away and start a novel, but i feel as though i fail every time. so i will leave all you bloggies with some pictures from the last week at home.

[beautiful clouds.]
[daddo's fadda's day gift.]
[where the journey 'run' begins.]
[lake sunset.]

do not focus on what is seen,
but rather on what is unseen.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

out here it's like i'm someone else...


life has been a little weird lately.  days seem to have no separation, almost zombie like.  i have been keeping busying working at tech.  starting to freak out about where i will be in a year from now, yes you read that correctly a YEAR.  a year is 12 months, that's practically 52 weeks, which is close to 8,736 hours, give or take 31,149,600 seconds.  just sitting and waiting for the unknown sometimes makes you...freak out.

well...yesterday was my LAST day at tech! (well until the semester starts back up again.)  so what am i going to do with myself with almost two weeks of summer vacay...well i'm glad you asked.
i may go and do a little bit of this...

            or maybe a little bit of that...
i plan on spending some good times at the lake or in a canoe for the next two weeks with my sistor.
so while i am at my home, well my parent's home...i'll be trying to figure out this thing called 'relaxation' and 'afternoon naps'.  i just feel the need to always have a plan and be on the go.  even when i don't have anything to do and should be 'relaxing' i am already thinking about what i will be doing as soon as i get back to keep your fingers crossed.

oh on the recap...
i will be being called "Ms. Jolie" by 31 freshman in the class i will be teaching in about two weeks.  i had my workshop yesterday for it and i am a little nervous.  i am mainly just ready to get it rolling and get past the first two classes, i think/hope i will be fine after that.  but i am really excited that i will get to be teaching. (shouldn't i get a red hangtag for that???)  you WOULD think that...but no, i'll be stuck in good ole yellow parking over by the spoony. :( but they have updated the look of our hangtags this at least it'll be pretty, cause that's all that really matters, right?
also, wedding season has come to a close...i think.  wedding season is that time span from spring to summer where everyone you know is starting to get married and you have a wedding to go to every weekend it seems like.  don't get me wrong i enjoy going to them...but 3 in a row, that's a lot of white...a lot of flower petals...a lot of shoes.  okay now i officially sound like the wedding grinch.  it's not that i am a grinch but working m-f and looking forward to your bum might turn you into somewhat of a grinch.  but i do enjoy weddings and i do enjoy the joyful tears they bring, especially when they are from the groom. (almost made ME cry!)  but next season people, can we coordinate to at least every other saturday? thanks. my people thank your people.

well i'll keep you posted on my vacay.  now that i have some time to enjoy the blogger world again.  i'll leave you with a pic from my lake bff, teague.  i gave him a reese's and we have been besties since. :)

 OH! one last thing...a very important shout out to my reader from Garden Plain, Kansas.  you know who you are!!! thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed!!! :)

life is but a breath
don't waste it.